Rally - BETA

Rally is a web-based platform for managing and tracking the entire application development lifecycle, including project management, release planning, iteration planning, and defect tracking.

Use the SEI Rally integration to integrate SEI with the Rally Software. The primary purpose of this rally integration is to ensure that SEI can track, manage, and analyze user stories, tasks, and defects in real time, leading to improved efficiency and enhanced productivity.

The SEI Rally integration is currently in BETA and is accessible behind the entitlement <RALLY>. Please contact Harness Support to enable this feature.


Before you configure the SEI Rally integration, you must generate a Rally Personal API token.

  1. Create a Rally Personal API token. For instructions, go to the Rally documentation on Creating a personal API token.

  2. Make sure to copy the token somewhere that you can retrieve it when you configure the integration.

Configure the integration on cloud

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.

  2. Select Available Integrations, locate the Rally integration, and select Install.

  3. Configure the integration:

    1. Add the URL of your Rally integration instance, for example, https://rally1.rallydev.com. Make sure it's a valid URL.

    2. Provide the API KEY that you previously generated within your Rally account.

    3. Choose the Fields you wish to exclude from ingestion. You might exclude fields containing sensitive information such as Summary, Description, and Comments. Excluded fields will not be evaluated for hygiene or adherence to best practices.

  4. Click on the Next.

  5. Add the Integration Name, which is mandatory.

  6. You can also add Description and Tags (Optional).

  7. Click on Add Integration to save the configuration. The integration is now successfully saved.

The Rally integration is currently in BETA and does not support on-prem installation using the Ingestion Satellite.

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