TestRail reports

TestRail is a test management platform. To analyze your TestRail data in SEI, set up a TestRail SEI integration, and then add TestRail reports to your Insights.

  • TestRail Test Trend Report

  • TestRail Test Estimate Report

  • TestRail Test Estimate Trend Report

  • TestRail Test Estimate Forecast Report

  • TestRail Test Estimate Forecast Trend Report

TestRail Test Report

When configuring this widget, on the Metrics tab, you can select either Test Cases (number of test cases) or Tests (number of test executions).


Each metric has different options for Columns, Filters, Stacks, and Aggregations. Switching from Test Cases to Tests and vice versa resets the linked settings.

The Tests metric provides more options for Columns, Filters, Stacks, and Aggregations. Neither metric supports custom fields.

Known Issues

The TestRail integration provides support for viewing Test Cases and Test Executions based on the selected metric. Here are some key points to consider:

  • With Test Case in Drill-Down: When you open the drill down for the Test Cases, the following fields are removed from Stack, Aggregation, and Filter:

    • Test Run

    • Test Plan

    • Defects

    • Current Status

  • Switching Between Test Cases and Test Executions: Users can switch between Test Cases and Test Executions. However, when switching, any previously added filters will be removed.

  • Collection-Level Filters: Filters applied at the Collection level will persist when switching between Test Cases and Test Executions.

  • Not supported: Date, Text, Steps, Scenarios and Integer type custom fields are not supported as filter, stack, or aggregation options in the integration.

  • Reset of Options: When selecting metric options, filters, stacks, and aggregations are automatically reset to default values.

For any further assistance or inquiries related to this integration, please reach out to our support team.


Changes made in TestRail are not reflected on SEI

In some cases, changes made to a Dropdown Custom Case Field in TestRail may not be properly reflected if the "Save Field" button is disabled.

  • Navigate to the TestRail administration panel.

  • Select "Administration" from the main menu

  • Click on "Custom Fields" in the "Customizations" section

  • Edit the Dropdown Custom Case Field

  • Inside the custom field settings, locate the "Projects Options" section.

  • Select the other option and not "All Projects"

  • After selecting the other option, switch back to "All Projects" as your choice.

  • Ensure the "Save Field" button is not disabled.

  • Save the field (Note: Make sure the Save Field button is not disabled, if its disabled changes will not be reflected).

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