Coverity is a static analysis tool built by Snopsys which is often used by engineers in the industry to find both trivial and non-trivial bugs in their code.

Use the SEI Coverity integration to integrate SEI with Coverity.

Note: This SEI integration is under development. It provides limited integration support in its current state.

Configure the integration on cloud

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.

  2. Select Available Integrations, locate the Coverity integration, and select Install.

  3. Configure the integration:

    • Add the Coverity instance URL

    • Enter your username

    • Enter the Coverity API Key and click next. To generate an API key for your Coverity instance, Go to Generating API key.

    • Provide a name for the integration.

    • The Description and Tags are optional.

  4. Once you have configured the integration, click "Save"

Configure the integration using satellite

The steps for configuring the integration using satellite is similar to configuring the integration on cloud, with the exception of using satellite to communicate with the Coverity server.

Make sure to select the satellite integration checkbox while configuring the integration. Once you save the integration a satellite.yml file will be automatically generated and downloaded to your computer. Update it following the instructions here.

Here’s a sample satellite.yml file

  tenant: foo
  api_key: <sei-api-key>
  url: ''
  - id: '4680'
    application: coverity
    url: ''
    username: testing-coverity
    api_key: <coverity-api-key>

If you encounter any issues during the integration process, go to the Satellite integration Troubleshooting and FAQs.

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