Harness NG

Harness is a modern software delivery platform that allows engineers and DevOps to build, test, deploy, and verify the software on demand.

Use the SEI Harness integration to integrate SEI with your Harness modules.

Note: The SEI Harness integration is only for Harness NextGen modules. For an explanation of the difference between Harness FirstGen and NextGen, go to Harness FirstGen vs Harness NextGen.


To configure the SEI Harness integration, you need:

  • Your Harness account ID. You can find this under Account Settings.

  • A Harness API key and token.

Copy the Account ID and the API KEY Token somewhere that you can retrieve them when you configure the integration.

Configure the integration on cloud

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.

  2. Select Available Integrations, locate the Harness NG integration, and select Install.

  3. Configure and save the integration.

    • URL: Enter https://app.harness.io.

    • API key: Enter your Harness personal access token.

    • Account ID: Enter your Harness account ID.

    • Name: Enter a name for the integration.

    • Description and Tags are optional.

    • Organization: Enter your organization name. If you have multiple organizations, you can use a comma-separated list. For example, "Youtube, YouTubeTV." Please note that organization names are case-sensitive. You can leave this field blank to include all organizations accessible to the token user.

    • Project: Enter your project name. Similarly, you can use a comma-separated list if you have multiple projects. For example, "org/project, org2/project2." Like organization names, project names are case-sensitive. Leaving this field blank will ingest all the projects from organizations accessible to the token user.

  4. Finish configuration and Save the integration.

Please note that after adding an integration, it may take up to 24 hours for the data to be fully reflected on SEI. This means that any widgets you configure on Insights using this integration may not display data until the synchronization is completed.

Configure the integration using satellite

The steps for configuring the integration using satellite is similar to configuring the integration on cloud using the API key, with the exception of using satellite to communicate with the Harness NG server.

Make sure to select the satellite integration checkbox while configuring the integration. Once you save the integration a satellite.yml file will be automatically generated and downloaded to your computer. Update it following the instructions here.

If you experience any issues while configuring the integration using the Ingestion Satellite, refer to the Ingestion Satellite Troubleshooting and FAQs.

Here’s a sample satellite.yml file:

  tenant: <ACCOUNT_NAME>
  api_key: <SEI_API_KEY>
  url: 'https://staging.propelo.ai'
  - id: '<INTEGRATION_ID>'
    application: harnessng
    url: '<HARNESS_APP_URL>'
    api_key: <HARNESS_NG_API_KEY>
      accountId: <HARNESS_NG_ACCOUNT_ID>
      organization: default
      project: default

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