These metrics help to analyse the time taken to deliver a feature and also to identify bottlenecks in product development and delivery process.

SEI provides a comprehensive set of reports to help development teams and organizations understand and improve their software delivery speed and efficiency.

The reports offer deep visibility into the different stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and identify risks and bottlenecks that can slow down delivery. This includes:

SDLC Stage Breakdown

  • Detailed metrics on the time and efficiency of each stage of the SDLC, from ideation to production deployment.

  • Identifies which stages are taking the most time and causing delays.

Sprint Slip and Scope Creep Risks

  • Analyzes sprint planning, commitment, and completion data to surface risks of sprints slipping or scope expanding unexpectedly.

  • Provides leading indicators to help teams proactively address these issues.

PR Review, Merge, and CI/CD Bottlenecks

  • Measures the time it takes for pull requests to be reviewed and merged.

  • Tracks the efficiency and success rates of the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Identifies where handoff delays or technical issues are creating bottlenecks.

Time to Production Inefficiencies

  • Looks at the end-to-end time from code commit to production deployment.

  • Pinpoints where delays, rework, or other issues are extending this critical delivery cycle.

SEI offers different velocity metrics based on the tools used by the teams and also depending on the processes followed.

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