SCM Cloud Integrations

Github Cloud, Gitlab Cloud, and Bitbucket Cloud

Instructions to set up SCM Cloud Integrations

  1. Start with selecting the integration that you want to use.

  • Github Cloud

  • Gitlab Cloud

  • Bitbucket Cloud

2. You may choose between two different types of authentication:

  • OAuth

  • Using Access Tokens or API Keys

Step 1: If you choose OAuth, you will be redirected to the appropriate SCM OAuth screen. Follow the instructions on this screen, and you will then be taken back to SEI application to finish the rest of the process.

Step 2: If you choose to install your integration using Personal Access Tokens / API Keys, follow the instructions to create the Personal Access Tokens / API Keys first.

Enter the Personal Access Tokens / API Keys and choose Connect.

Step 3: Choose the repositories you want SEI to ingest data from. If you want to ingest all of your repositories, then you can turn on the toggle for INGEST ALL REPOS

Also, provide a Name for the integration.

Step 4: You can also choose the fetching options for your selected repositories from Additional Options.

Step 5: Choose FINISH to finish setting up your SCM integration.

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