Identify top issues, and improve resolution time and security posture.

SEI integrates with some of the best security tools to produce reports that help you analyze anomalies or threats that can lead to failures and data loss or corruption.


Coverity is a fast, accurate, and highly scalable static analysis (SAST) solution that helps development and security teams address security and quality defects early in the software development life cycle.

Integrate with Coverity, and then add Coverity reports and widgets to your Insights.

  • Coverity Issues Report: This report helps track the progress of the issues reported by the Coverity application.

  • Coverity Issues Single Stat: Present a single statistic related to Coverity issues.

  • Coverity Issues Trend Report: Understand daily, weekly, and monthly trends in your Coverity issues.


Snyk is an automated vulnerability testing tool that monitors for misconfigurations or coding flaws that pose cybersecurity threats.

Integrate with Snyk, and then add the Snyk Vulnerability Report to your Insights. This report provides details on detected vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities can be categorized by project, severity, or other factors.

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