Terminology Changes in SEI

To continuously improve the user experience and ensure that our product aligns with industry standards, we are excited to announce a series of terminology changes within the SEI app. These changes are based on valuable feedback from our users and aim to make the application more intuitive and consistent with standard terminology used across the platform.

It's important to note that these changes will not affect the product's functionality in any way. All services and features will continue to perform as seamlessly as before, with no differences in core features and capabilities.

Key terminology changes

Insights (formerly Dashboards)

Dashboards will be referred to as Insights moving forward. Insights can be accessed in the SEI app navigation bar.

Projects (formerly Workspaces)

Workspaces will be referred to as Projects moving forward.

We are no longer supporting the All projects default category for newly created workspaces. Note that the "All projects" category will continue to be available for existing workspaces. However, we encourage new users to transition away from using it.

Customize (formerly Global Settings)

Customize is the term that has replaced Global Settings. It can be found under settings in the app navigation.

Activity Logs (formerly Audit Logs)

Activity Logs is the term that has replaced Audit Logs. Activity Logs can be accessed under settings in the app navigation.

Collections (formerly Org Units)

Org Units will be referred to as Collections moving forward. Collections can be accessed under settings in the app navigation.

Contributors (formerly Org Users)

Users previously referred to as Org Users are now known as Contributors. Contributors can be accessed under settings in the app navigation.

Terminology updates apply to all references to the legacy term, including in feature areas and locations within the user interface. For example, the legacy term 'Org Units' has been replaced with the updated term 'Collections'. Consequently, in the user interface, the statement that was previously labeled 'There are no Org Units under the selected Org Unit category.' will now be labeled 'There are no Collections under the selected collection category.'

Legacy terminology in use

Some of the SEI features and areas continue to use the legacy terminology including the following:

  • Ingestion Satellites

  • Profiles

  • Propels

  • Tables

  • Trellis Score

Thank you for choosing SEI!

We are committed to providing you with the best possible user experience, and we appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve the product.

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