Subscriptions and Licenses

You can quickly and securely manage your SEI subscription directly through your account at any time, including:

  • Upgrading your plan.

  • Managing payment details and billing admins.

  • Viewing license usage data.

License and Contributor credit usage

Your SEI subscription includes a specific number of Contributor licenses. These licenses track the number of Contributors identified by SEI across all integrated SDLC tools.

What is a Contributor?

Contributors are identified user profiles that SEI tracks and analyzes across multiple SDLC tools. One developer may use different usernames or email addresses in different SDLC tools. For example, a developer may use one email to register for Jira and another for GitHub. SEI correlates user accounts from all the integrated SDLC tools and creates a profile for an identified developer in SEI. This profile is called a Contributor.

How are Contributors counted for Licensing?

Your SEI subscription includes a specific number of Contributor licenses. A Contributor is counted as a licensing unit if they have at least one user account associated with an integrated Source Code Management (SCM) tool, such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or any other. If a User has accounts in other SDLC tools but no account with an SCM tool, they are not counted as a licensing unit.

All Contributors who have made contributions to the SCM tool are considered Contributors and require a license.

Note that if someone hasn't contributed to the SCM recently but the repositories show past contributions, they are still considered a contributor and require a license.

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