SCM PR Lead Time by Stage report

This widget calculated the Lead Time only for the SCM stages i.e. the velocity time spent on different stages across the lifecycle of a Pull Request.

In this example, we consider a use case for a single Pull Request (PR). The Velocity Profile is configured to consider 4 Development Stages i.e. PR Creation Time, Time to Comment, Approval Time and Merge Time. The Lead Time calculation displays the calculation for the stages as shown above.

The table provides details on the different stages, their descriptions, formulas, and an example calculation.


PR Creation Time

The time taken to create the first pull request (PR) after the first commit.

First PR Creation Time - First Commit Time

10:10 AM - 10:05 AM = 5 minutes

Time to First Comment

The time taken to add the first comment after the PR is created.

First PR Comment Time - First PR Creation Time

10:11 AM - 10:10 AM = 1 minute

Approval Time

The time taken for the first approval after the first pull request is created.

First PR Approval Time - First PR Comment Time

10:15 AM - 10:11 AM = 4 minutes

Merge Time

The time taken to merge the pull request after it is approved.

Last PR Merge Time - First PR Approval Time

10:19 AM - 10:15 AM = 4 minutes

Total Lead Time is the sum of all the above stages:

Total Lead Time = 5 min + 1 min + 4 min + 4 min = 14 min

Therefore, the Total Lead Time in this case is 14 minutes.

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