Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together.

Use the SEI Salesforce integration to integrate SEI with Salesforce.

SEI uses OAuth 2.0 to connect to Salesforce.

Configuring the user

To transmit data from Salesforce to SEI, you must create an SEI user in your Salesforce instance.

  1. In your Salesforce instance, clone the built-in Read Only profile, and name the new profile sei-profile.

  2. Edit the new profile, and select View All Data under Administrative Permissions.

  3. Add a user and assign the sei-profile to the user. This user is a service account.

For more information, go to the Salesforce documentation on creating or cloning profiles and adding a single user.

Configuring the integration

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.

  2. Select Available Integrations, locate the Salesforce integration, and select Install.

  3. Configure the integration. You must use OAuth authentication.

  4. Finish configuration and save the integration.

Add the Jira mapping

  1. Select Integrations under Settings.

  2. Find your SEI Jira integration and edit it.

  3. Under Salesforce Mapping, select the Jira field that contains your Salesforce case IDs.

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