Manage Projects

A Project is an all-encompassing entity to enable users to easily organize and navigate Collection hierarchies, and easily access insights associated with specific collections.

For more information, go to Project and Collection hierarchies.

Add a new project

  1. In the SEI app, navigate to the left navigation menu and choose the project icon to view all existing projects.

  2. Click on Add Project and enter the required details.

    • Enter the Name and Description of the project.

    • Choose the Owner for the project from the dropdown list, which displays all contributors.

    • Enter the KEY for the project.

    • In the Integration Mappings section, select all the integrations that you want to associate with this new project.

  3. Select Save

It is mandatory for a project to have integrations.

View, edit and manage a project

  1. Select the project icon from the left navigation menu to view all the existing projects

  2. Select a project to edit its settings.

  3. Select Save

Delete an existing project

An existing project can be deleted by selecting the delete icon for the project that needs to be deleted.

Currently, deleting a project is a restricted action. Contact SEI Customer Support for assistance.

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