What's supported

SEI integrates with a number of third-party providers to provide a centralized visibility on engineering work.

Integrations for SEI

SEI supports a number of plugins to integrate your dashboard with third-party providers. Please find the growing list of supported third-party integrations.

The following table lists SEI support for platforms, repos, registries, and related technologies.

The integrations categorized under the Others label are now available with basic support, and we are actively working towards expanding their capabilities in the near future.

SEI features

For highlights of key SEI features, go to SEI overview and SEI key concepts.

For information about upcoming and recently released features, go to the SEI release notes.

SEI early access features

Some SEI features are released behind entitlement to get feedback from a subset of customers before releasing the features to general availability.

You can opt-in to the early access (beta) features for SEI described in the following table. Contact Harness Support to enable specific early access features in your SEI account. Include the entitlement or name with your request.

To enable a entitlement in your SEI account, contact Harness Support. For the status of a entitlement, please note Beta, GA, Limited GA Feature Categorization in the descriptions below.

SEI features promoted to GA

Features promoted to general availability (GA) are removed from the early access features table and announced as new features in the SEI release notes. The SEI release notes also include features released directly to GA.

Here are some SEI early access features that were recently promoted to GA:

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