User Roles

Below is a description of user roles supported by SEI.


Admin users have full access to SEI. Admin role is recommended for users that manage SEI integrations, system settings or create dashboards, propels and other SEI objects.


Read only access to all SEI objects.


Full access to all SEI Issues and Assessments.


Full access to SEI Issues and Assessments assigned to the user.


Full access to SEI Issues assigned to the user.


Allows users to browse and view "shared" insights or insights shared with all users in an organization.


Allows users to map Projects and Collections. They can modify the definitions and configurations of these Projects and Collections. Users with this role have access to view the Insights associated with the Collections they are assigned to.

If you would like to grant public view access to an Insight and allow all administrators to edit it, follow these steps:

  1. Select Grant public view access, and edit access for Admins.

  2. Choose PUBLIC_DASHBOARD/ ORG_ADMIN_USER. These users will now be able to view the Insight.

  3. All ADMIN users will also be able to edit the insight.

Alternatively, if you would like to grant admin-only access to an Insight, follow these steps:

  1. Select Grant Admin-only access.

  2. Only ADMIN users will be able to view and edit the Insight.

By carefully selecting the appropriate user role(s), you can ensure that each person has the level of access they need while maintaining security and privacy within your organization.

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