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Workspace and Org Unit hierarchies

This section covers everything you need to know about managing workspaces and Org Unit hierarchies.

Introduction to Workspaces

A Workspace is an all encompassing entity to enable users to easily organize and navigate Organization Unit (aka Org Unit or OU) hierarchies, and easily access dashboards associated with specific Org Units.
Workspaces provide an intuitive outlook to defining and managing your organizational hierarchies. By default, a Workspace consists of three top-level Org Unit categories: namely Teams, Projects, and Sprints, each with options to customize. Each Org Unit category can have other Org Units defined under them in parent-child relationships.
Workspaces also empower admins to quickly associate all relevant product integrations under a workspace, and Org Units under this workspace are designed to automatically inherit these integrations.
Conceptual diagram showing Workspace & Org Unit hierarchies

Org Unit hierarchies & Inheritance

In order to better represent real-world team and project structures and to enable users to customize views/insights using these structures, Propelo provides you with Organization Unit (OU) Categories. This way, you can slice and dice insights in your dashboards by OU categories such as teams, sprints, and projects, or more granular units such as team 1, team 2 present defined under an OU category.
Under each OU category, a top level (root) Org Unit node will be available by default, e.g. All Teams under which you can create more OUs in parent-child hierarchies. For example, let’s say you have an OU category for your Engineering team. You can then create an OU for just the Frontend team and nest it under the Engineering team OU category. This Frontend OU will inherit all dashboards associations from its parent OU i.e. Engineering team. All Org Units also automatically inherit integrations from its workspace.